5 Home Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Wouldn’t it be cool if there were exercises to lose belly fat you could do at home?

You wouldn’t need to worry about paying for a gym membership, or feeling worried about what others would think about your shape.

The hardest spot to lose weight for a lot of people and the nicknames of muffin top (women), and beer gut (men).

These videos will show you how to exercise at home to lose the dreaded belly fat.

5 No-Weights Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

These exercises to lose belly fat quickly allows you to lose weight in the privacy of your home. It'll also cost you nothing to workout at home vs. the gym.

What causes a fat belly?

According to Very Well Fit, ” One of the most common causes of belly fat is simply eating too much and moving too little. When we eat more calories than we burn each day, an energy imbalance causes weight gain. But there are other causes of belly fat, too. As we age, our metabolism naturally slows down, and total body fat gradually increases.”

It is important to be aware that belly fat or “visceral fat” is some of the most harmful and dangerous fat there is

Why would you gain weight in your belly?

An article on Insider states that, “Gaining weight solely in your stomach may be the result of specific lifestyle choices. The two S’s — stress and sugar — play a significant role in the size of your midsection. Certain medical conditions and hormonal changes can contribute to abdominal weight gain.”

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Fire Hydrant Kicks @ Blogilates on YouTube

If you have never done a fire hydrant kick, you’ll probably feel a little awkward at first.

Don’t worry because you’re in the privacy of your own home.

Fire hydrants will probably remind you of a dog using the bathroom, hence the name.

Blogilates is also a really good channel for finding home workouts. She has a little something available for everyone.

So you can start out targeting your belly fat.

But I would recommend checking out some of her other workout videos as well.

Plank Jacks @ sunstoneFIT on YouTube

Admittedly, these were hard for me when I started doing them some years ago.

I don’t like anything with the word plank in it.

But plank jacks are really really good for tightening your belly.

Regular planks work fine as well but this gives you some variety.

The Swimmer @ Cincinnati Children’s on YouTube

This exercise seems like it’s easy but you’ll want to make sure you have the correct form.

Having the proper form will keep your neck from straining.

You lay flat on your stomach with your arms and legs stretched out.

Inhale to grow your spine and lift your chest, arms and thighs off of the floor.

Pushing your energy through your heels and finger tips, hovering above the floor. Having a mat during this exercise will make it a lot more comfortable.

Criss-Cross Exercise @ Livestrong on YouTube

If you aren’t used to exercising yet, I’d save this workout towards the end.

It’s a great way to cool done while still working those muscles.

The Dead Bug @ Bodybuilding on YouTube

Check out this short video to get a step-by-step tutorial on how to do The Dead Bug exercise.

Exercising to Lose Belly Fat

There are many exercises that you can do to lose your belly fat. I hope these five exercises were enough to get you started.

Having belly fat can be uncomfortable and cause you to not feel so great about yourself.

That’s rough.

The good thing is that weight loss is something you can get a handle on and control.

You can workout at home, watch what you eat, and make small changes in your daily life to lose weight.

These exercises will help you to lose your belly fat quickly without spending money.

That’s awesome.

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These exercises to lose belly fat quickly allows you to lose weight in the privacy of your home. It'll also cost you nothing to workout at home vs. the gym.

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