7+ Resistance Band Workouts for Beginners

The resistance band might look like a puny exercise tool, but it packs quite a punch.

Ever watched an Autumn Calabrese’s workout video? Well, she sometimes has someone on her team exercising with a resistance band, and it doesn’t not look easy.

I’ve done band workouts before and using bands help me to keep my balance on difficult exercises.

Resistance bands are really good for those days you feel like not working out, but you know you should.

So you do and feel better for it afterwards.

You can do a full body workout using a resistance band. And it’s such a convenient piece of exercise equipment that you can use it at work or at home.

Resistance bands come in many sizes which make them convenient for different types of band exercises.

You will also want to invest in a fitness mat since many of the band workouts will be on the floor.

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Resistance Band Types

There are so many types of resistance bands but they all help with improving flexibility and muscle tone. Depending on what your fitness target is will decide which resistance band you choose.

  • Resistance band with no handle – Therapy or rehabilitation
  • Continuous flat loop band – Lower body
  • Resistance band with plastic handles – Lower and upper body
  • Short band in the shape of an “8” with handles – Upper body
  • Resistance bands with velcro ankle cuffs – Lower body
  • Loop band with two soft handles – Lower body
The versatility of using resistance bands for your workouts will keep you from getting bored of everyday fitness. Resistance band workouts will get your arms, legs, belly, and butt tight and toned in no time. Check it out for band workout ideas.

Are resistance band workouts effective?

According to Livestrong, ” Weight-bearing exercise is important for your health, particularly for muscle and bone development. Resistance bands provide muscle-building tension, and can be used almost anywhere. These bands offer safe and effective workouts, and are often recommended by physical therapists for rehabilitation purposes.”

Are resistance bands better than weights?

Dark Iron Fitness states that, “The main similarities are that they both can help build muscle and they both can facilitate rehabilitation. Stretching out the muscles with resistance bands is much easier to do, safer and comfortable — but it can also be done with traditional weights.”

What color resistance band is the strongest?

According to Pro Healthcare Products Blog, “Red Theraband resistance bands are considered medium to heavy resistance. They have a higher level of tension than green or yellow bands and are harder to stretch. These are the therabands to help work larger muscle groups, such as the legs, chest and back, or for individuals who have been building muscle strength.”

Can you use resistance bands everyday?

Sharecare states that, “One can do resistance training everyday. There are over 600 muscles in the human body an it would be impossible to train them all in one session. Resistance exercises can use either your own body weight, free weights, machines or rubber bands as long as you use them with the right intensity and frequency.”

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Check out Popculture’s Healthy Living section for these resistance band workout ideas.

These workout are easy enough for beginners, but tough enough to work up a good sweat.

And they are perfect for working out at home.

Nourish, Move, Love is here with tips on getting your band workout finished quickly.

But quick doesn’t mean easy.

These mini-band workouts are HIIT, High-intensity interval training exercises.

HIIT workouts are a great way to burn fat without getting bored with your workout routine.

The Live Fit Girls give a really thorough walk through of each resistance band workout.

This is good for someone just starting out with a band workout and wanting to become familiar; without being overwhelmed.

Daily Burn offers a step-by-step guide on each of their ten listed resistance band workouts.

They also include which part of your body the band workout targets.

This is helpful for beginners, but also those who know they want to workout but not sure which part to target on which days.

These resistance workout ideas help you to formulate a daily workout plan.

If you enjoy watching workout tutorials online, this one is for you.

Healthy Living from Pop Culture shares a workout video for their resistance band workout.

But they didn’t stop at the video.

There are additional resistance band workouts included in the article.

So visual learner or not, you’ll be able to learn some new band exercises quickly.

I came across this and I said to myself, “Self, you’ve got to include this one.”

And so I did.

Not just because I like Autumn Calabrese and the Beachbody workouts. But they have a lot of helpful information for those who are willing to learn and transform their bodies.

I mentioned earlier that Autumn often has resistance band workouts included in her videos.


However, Autumn isn’t the only Beachbody trainer mentioned in this article.

The article digs deep into resistance band workouts and gives you a variety of workout videos to follow for instructions.

Andie at Maybe I Will is very passionate about fitness.

And her passion shows brightly through her articles.

Andie’s offers you a look at different band workout position and gives a closer look through her video tutorial.

Check out Maybe I Will to learn a few great resistance band workouts for beginners!

Resistance Band Workouts Anyone Can Do

Hopefully these recommendations gave you more than enough band workouts to start.

The versatility of using resistance bands for your workouts will keep you from getting bored of everyday fitness.

And anyone can follow along to these easy, step-by-step instructions for each band workout.

Before You Go

The versatility of using resistance bands for your workouts will keep you from getting bored of everyday fitness. Resistance band workouts will get your arms, legs, belly, and butt tight and toned in no time. Check it out for band workout ideas.

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